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Why India

A strong system of healthcare in India has made it a much sought after destination for medical services. The country is known for its high quality and world class medical facilities that boast economical pricing, robust infrastructure and top notch health care services.

Medical Tourism in India has become synonymous with high quality treatments at affordable prices. It showcases the rapid strides in health care business and how we have put to great use these advances in India. India today offers treatments that are high quality to international patients applying cutting edge technology and affordable prices.

Medical tourists seeking medical services from the US, UK, Europe and many African countries have been impressed with the Indian commitment to quality and affordable pricing. International patients from countries in the neighborhood such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives are coming to India for medical care.

Why should you consider India for your healthcare needs?

We have become leaders in providing treatments at low cost with the same quality as compared to our Western Nations. We bring patients from all over the world with liberalized medical visa procedures and proper infrastructure in place. We give you some of the reasons on why you should consider India for your healthcare needs:

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  • High Quality World Class medical care
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  • Economic & Affordable treatment pricing with guaranteed savings of over 75%
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  • State of art technology available to treat even the most difficult medical cases
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  • Use of World-Class Implants and Consumables sourced from USA, Europe, UK etc.
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  • Zero Wait Time For Surgeries - Get surgery in India as soon as you arrive with no wait-time
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  • Highly Professional and Efficient English speaking staff
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  • Hassle Free Indian Medical Visa issuance for the patients and their family members.

Besides the attractive medical packages in India, the chance to explore the rich culture, natural beauty, and vivid landscapes of this gorgeous Asian country draws many medical tourists here.

Those unable to shed weight by conventional methods, and seeking weight loss surgery, may be disappointed by the prices of lap band or gastric bypass in the West. Bariatric Surgery in India can be of help to such individuals, who want to get back in shape but are hindered by doctors' big bills.

Stem Cell treatments in India are picking popularity as the country gets more into research, and offers advanced treatments against a variety of ailments.

Orthopaedics here is another popular branch of medicine, as many westerners come to get hip and knee surgery in India. Also, Spine surgery and Neurosurgery in India is a boon for medical tourists looking to get rid of back problems and tumors, without being hit by the massive medical bills.

Ease and affordability of medical treatments here, also allows foreign patients to get optional treatments like plastic/cosmetic surgery in India.

Even small issues like cataract, low vision and other eye problems, may fabricate huge bills from your local doctors. Eye surgery in India is performed by qualified ophthalmologists, and is far more affordable than the West.

The cancer-stricken, who cannot afford to bear the high cost of combating this deadly disease, are turning towards oncology in India.

Medical therapies for stomach and bowel diseases and urosurgery are frequently performed by expert surgeons.

Be it any small procedure like eye/ear treatments or major medical procedures like organ transplants and heart surgery, India is a favoured destination for all kinds of medical treatments that are within your means.

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  • Dr. Glad to inform you that my people arrived Lagos safely yesterday. Thanks again for the wonderful work and care. The family appreciate the role you played right from the initial contact through Japhet, the Embassy, Travel, Arrival, various stages of Treatnent, substantial bill discounts and the return journey among others. We couldn't have done it without your kind assistance. God bless you and your family. Have a blessed 2018.

    Elijah , Nigeria

  • I am writing to thank you for the wonderful service you provide for people who want excellent medical care but do not know how or where to find it.

    Peter, Nigeria

  • I am extremely thankful to MedWorld India and their whole team for helping me get relief from the terrible pain that I was suffering from


  • God bless for all that you have done for me. You offering me the fastest and efficient services to bring me to India.