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Gamma Knife Radiosurgery - Most Advanced Treatment for Brain Tumors in India

The Gamma Knife isn't really a knife at all, but Radiosurgery - a non-invasive neurosurgical procedure that uses powerful doses of radiation to target and treat diseased brain tissue while leaving surrounding tissue intact. Gamma Knife treatment offers new hope for patients with brain tumors, vascular malformations and functional disorders.

Radiosurgery uses high doses of radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors, delivered precisely to avoid damaging healthy brain tissue. Gamma Knife radiosurgery is able to accurately focus many beams of high-intensity gamma radiation to converge on one or more tumors. Each individual beam is of relatively low intensity, so the radiation has little effect on intervening brain tissue and is concentrated only at the tumor itself.

Gamma knife is now the most accepted and widely used radio surgery treatment in the world for brain tumours. About half a million people have been treated with Gamma knife surgery, and it's the only Radiation Therapy System cleared by the FDA for irradiating brain metastases. Gamma knife surgery, despite the name, there is no blade or knife - it's called Gamma knife because radio surgery (one-session treatment) has such a dramatic and precise effect in the target zone that the changes are considered 'surgical.' So there's no incision or blood, and minimal risk of complications. The device aims gamma radiation through a target point in the patient's brain. The patient wears a specialized helmet that is surgically fixed to the skull, so that the brain tumor remains stationary at the target point of the gamma rays. An ablative dose of radiation is thereby sent through the tumor in one treatment session, while surrounding brain tissues are relatively spared.

Gamma Knife radiosurgery has proven effective for patients with benign or malignant brain tumors up to 4 centimeters in size, vascular malformations such as an arteriovenous malformation (AVM), pain or other functional problems.

The risks of gamma knife radiosurgery treatment are very low, and complications are related to the condition being treated. Gamma-Ray Stereotactic Treatment System. The Gamma Knife instrument put many gamma-ray beams from different angles and directions irradiate to body, making them all together to form the focus point. Since each dose of radiation beam is very small, it basically does not cause damage to human tissues which it through. As long as the ray focuses on the lesion, it can be as precise as a scalpel to destroy the lesion, with no trauma, no hemorrhage, no infection, no pain, and also reach rapid, safe, reliable magical effect.


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Gamma Knife RadioSurgery

What can Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Treat ?

» Arteriovenous Malformations.

» Functional disorders such as Trigeminal neuralgia and Epilepsy.

» Meningioma

» Neurinoma of Trigeminal and Either Cranial Nerves

» Pituitary Adenoma

» Single and multiple metastases of brain cancer

Advantages Of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery

» Gamma Knife can be used in conjunction with traditional surgery and treatments. Gamma Knife enables us to treat many neurological disorders with proven, effective results. Gamma Knife treatments are safe, accurate and reliable. Gamma Knife surgery offers several advantages over traditional ways to treat difficult brain tumors and other disorders including.

» Safe, minimally invasive procedure with no incision or opening of the skull

» Very little discomfort

» No general anesthesia, except for children

» Typically done on an outpatient basis

» No risk of infection, hemorrhage, spinal fluid leakage or adverse reactions to general anesthesia

» Greater accuracy and reliability

» Less expensive than conventional neurosurgery

» Eliminates lengthy post-surgical hospital stays and disabilities and minimizes rehabilitation costs

Note: Treatment Options/Results may vary from patient to patient depending on their medical condition.

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